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"Homoeopathy A Placebo" - The Impractical Joke

All the homoeopathic clinics around the world are to thank the periodical medical journal "The Lancet", for the unprecedented advertisement to the science of Homoeopathy generated by its unpractical joke of this year, in terming Homoeopathic Science as a PLACEBO.
            The science of medicine has various systems viz. Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Unani, Sidha, etc.  Every system of medicine has its own methodology and mode of result generation.  The joke of "The Lancet" has invoked an introspective thinking on this extrovertic world of medicine.  Homoeopathic medicine has more spread out roots and a longer history of proven medications.  Is there not a history of unanswered questions in the science of medicine?  The quality of a medical science rests always on its proven results, and Homoeopathy has in its bag a number of results on quantity as well as quality.
            This article counters the joke in terming the science of Homoeopathy as a placebo, by providing the tip of an ice berg of the endless number of homoeopathic experiments and findings performed on a scientific platform, carried out by numerous scientists at various geographic locations of this world.
1.                    Nuclear Magnetic resonance spectra of the ethonal.
Unsuccussed and succussed dilutions of sulphur in ethonal show difference in OH peak (Smith R.B. Jr. & Boerick. G.W.)
2.                    Radium bromide 60x causes fogging of a photographic plate (Boerick and Tafel, 1906).
3.                    A study shows that the thermal degradation of lactose plays an important role in the bioavailability of the drug.  (Surana .V and associates, 1995).
4.                    The new types of crystals are formed in water when the Homoeopathic method of diluting and shaking is followed to prepare a high dilution of a substance.  (Shui - Yin Lo, 1996).
5.                    Structure of hydrogen bonds in pure water is different from that in Homoeopathic dilutions of salt solutions by using thermoluminescence.  (Louis Rey, 2003).
6.                    Arndt - Schutlz Law
Many works around the world in terms of pharmacology proved that the small doses of a substance stimulate, moderate doses inhibit and large doses kill as per Arndt - Schutlz law.  Substantiating the law, Dr. Boyd's experiments in 1950's showed that the rate of activity of the diastase is inhibited by the addition of large doses of mercuric chloride and accelerated by 61x to 71x potencies.
7.                    Veratrin Sulphate 60x decreases the contraction rate of the isolated gastrocnemius muscle of a type of frog, Rana esculenta.  (Jerricott, 1951).
8.                    Quinine sulphate, Taraxacum densleonis and Aesculus hippocastanum in 24x to 30x show measurable changes by using the apparatus Galvanometer. (P. Loch and Lisa Wurmer, 1933).
9.                    Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla nigricans, Lycopodium, etc.  upto 60x give sinusoidal curves in galvanometric study. (A. Gay, 1951).
10.                Natrum muriaticum 54x differs from distilled water by using Galvanometer.  (A. Gay and J. Boiron, 1951).
11.                Mercuric Chloride shows difference in dielectric strength tests (James Stephenson).
12.                Crude doses of toxic substances consumed by the animals are excreted more through urine, feces and sweat by administering the potencies of the same.  (K. Linde and Co-workers, 1994).
13.                Chromosomal and Cellular damage by x-rays in albino mice can be prevented / reduced by pre and post treatment of Ginseng and Ruta in 30x and 200x (A.R. Khuda and Colleagues, 1991).
14.                Study of histamine in potency (above 30x) on isolated guinea pig hearts shows increased coronary blood flow.  This effect is neutralized when the dilutions are exposed to heat or magnetic field.  (J. Benveniste and team, 1992).
15.                Water Memory Theory
Basophils are triggered when experimented with Homoeopathically prepared dilution of an antigen (an antiserum against IgE).  This discovery of Jacquous Benveniste lead him to put forward the "Water memory theory" in 1988.
16.                It is found that the dissolved substances clump together, first as clusters of molecules, then as bigger aggregates of those clusters, in polar solvents like water, as dilution increased.  (Kurt Geckeler and Shashader Samal, 2001).
17.                Symptomatically indicated Homoeopathic dilution to a particular patient can alter the crystallization pattern produced by the mixed solution of the same patient's serum and copper chloride solution (Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, 1935).
18.                Natrum muriaticum 1M potency showed a band in spectrum when sprayed into vacuum. (Gustave de Bon)
19.                Iberis amara 36x and 236x slows the heart rate by the experiment with isolated heart of turtle.  (Jerricott, 1951).
20.                Vibrational motion of every molecule of the solvent is modulated by the solute.  Thus, there is a possible imprint of the starting drug material in the form of modulation in inter-molecular vibrational frequencies of the diluting medium, even beyond the Avogodro's number.  (A.S. Paranjpe, 2004).
21.                Laser Raman Spectral Peak.
The succussed dilution of Potassium bichromate and Ammonium nitrate differs from the ordinary diluting medium in Laser Raman Spectral Peak (Boiron. J, Vinh CLD, 1976).
22.                Experiments with guinea pigs
By administering Natrum muriaticum different potencies (30, 200, 400, 600, . . . . 2000) subsequently in the guinea pigs for a period of 16½ months, 60 guinea pigs reduced as 17 including their off springs where as  20 control increased to 76 in a period of 7 months.  (Result obtained from a study conducted by Foundation of Homoeopathic Research at the New York Homoeopathic Medical College, under the direction of Dr. Guy Beckley Stearns in 1920). 
23.                Experiments with fruit flies
Lethal hereditary tumour characteristic due to a strain of fruit flies is prevented in the later generations by treating with the potencies of the same tumour.  (Dr. Mary Stark).
24.                The potentised acetylsalicylic acid (active ingredient of aspirin, which increases bleeding time) shortens bleeding time in healthy subjects.         (C. Doutremepuch and team, 1990).
25.                The development of tadpoles is inhibited by thyroxin 30x (which induces the growth in crude state) even if it is sealed in a phial suspended in the tank but does not come into direct contact with the water in which the experimental tadpoles live.  It proves that the non-molecular information transfer from the phials as electro-magnetic nature.  (P.C. Endler and team, 1990-1994.)
26.                Lipid flocculation test
It is found that the remedy which is similar to a patient's totality can prevent the flocculation when the serum of the patient is added with the colloid (prepared by using lanolin).  (Garth W. Boerick, 1947).
27.                Theory of high dilution
Disappearance of extract molecules during dilution creates white holes in the solution which induces a remnant wave proportional to the amount of particles lost.  The amplitude of remnant wave is increased by every step of dilution.  After certain time this wave energy is released as infra-red radiation.  Beyond the Avogodro's limit, 12c or 24x, no more white holes can appear.  But the inter action of protons of the diluting medium and white holes produces hyperproton, which has no mass or charge.  This hyperprotons produce irradiation and alter the structure of the diluting medium during every succussion.  (Roland Conte, Henri Berlocchi, Yues Lasne).


            The tests and their results unfolded in this article unequivocally confirms homoeopathic preparations and practices have a stern scientific background and thus in a proven scientific method of medicine, practiced worldwide since known history.  Also, the results and tests listed will certainly form a basis or a starter for further studies and improved expansion of this medical science providing cure and solace for patients around the world.
            Hence, the author invites all his fellow homoeopaths to carry the torch of Homoeopathy through newer experiments and researches in the service of mankind and in the enrichment of homoeopathic medicine.

Source: Vinglory - February 2006 (Souvenir Published By Vinayaka Mission’s Homoeopathic Medical College, Salem)

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