Sunday, June 11, 2017

Research topics for PG Scholars of homoeopathic pharmacy

I am often asked to suggest some topics for PG Scholars of homoeopathic pharmacy. Here I make an attempt to list them out.

Topics are bifurcated as follows:

A.    The ones which could be done within the institute with or without little aid from outside.
B.    The ones which need to be done outside the college, i.e. other institutions/laboratories. 

A.    Within the institute
a)    plant studies, like growth of the plant, against some induced diseases, germination, etc.
b)    standardization studies include pharmacognocy, finger print studies like TLC, UV, HPLC/HPTLC, etc.; pharmaceutical analysis like presence of phytoconstituents
c)    Crystallization
d)    Drug proving
e)    Lipoid flocculation
f)     comparison of quality standards in difrerent pharmacopoeias like HPI, GHP, HPUS, FHP, Brazillinan, etc.
g)    comparison of expiry in different countries
h)    comparison of homoeopathic regulation in different 
i)      (outside institute but without dependence on other institutes) market research on purchase of homoeopathic medicine in different regions
j)      (outside institute but without dependence on other institutes) public survey on the usage of homoeopathic medicine

B.    Outside institute
a)    in-vivo animal studies on different activities like anti-inflammatory, anti-dementia, anti-epileptic, hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic, hypocholesterolemic, etc.
b)    in-vitro studies like cyto-toxic/anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, etc.
c)    nanoparticle study
d)    gene expression study

Document "Priority areas..." lists the topics which could be taken for homoeopathic research. Sub-heading 'Drug development and drug standardization' throws some idea interesting to homoeopathic pharmacy scholars.

Another paper titled 'Homeopathic standardisation...' by MV Kardile is an interesting review paper. It also throws some light on the activities of homoeopathic dilutions.

I hope this will be of some help.

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